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  NASA Near Real Time Data Images

Interactive Weather Satellite Imagery
MODIS Image of the Day
Current Solar Images
SOHO Solar Images

  NASA Photos, NASA Images Commons Planetary Photojournal
JSC Digital Image Collection many of the best images of planetary exploration NSSDC Photo Gallery Visualization of Remote Sensing Data, images, movies, & 3-D, mostly old
Tropical Rainfall Images & Animations Solar System Simulator- views at any date from any point of observation Planetary Maps (non-science) SkyView Virtual Observatory, alternate server at National Virtual Observatory (NVO), alternate server at

  NASA Earth Sciences Images The Gateway to Astronaut Photography of Earth space news from NASA's Marshall Space Flight Center

  NASA Earth Sciences Earth Observation System NASA Earth Science Earth Observing System Project Science Office Global Hydrology and Climate Center: studying the global water cycle GHRC Lightning & Atmospheric Electricity Science at Goddard Space Flight Center Hydrospheric and Biospheric Sciences Laboratory

  NASA Earth Sciences Missions Shuttle Radar Topography Mission, global elevation data images - data Landsat 7: images Earth in the visible, near-infrared, short-wave EO-1: tested land imaging and spacecraft technologies, LD:2000-11-21 EOS AM-1: Terra, Earth Observing System flagship ASTER: Thermal Emission & Reflection Radiometer on Terra images MODIS Imaging Spectroradiometer on Terra & Aqua images EOS PM: Aqua, Earth Observing System, studies Earth's water cycle JPL ocean surface topography:
    Jason-1, LD:2001-12-07
    TOPEX/Poseidon, LD:1992-08-10 SeaWiFS TRMM: Tropical Rainfall Measuring Mission Aura: examines the chemistry of Earth's atmosphere, LD:2004-07-15 UARS: measures ozone & compounds in the ozone layer LD:1991-xx-xx ICEsat: ice sheet elevation & polar cloud data, LD:2003-01-13 U of Texas-Austin Center for Space Research: GLAS, GRACE, more
   GLAS Geoscience Laser Altimeter System carried on ICESat
    GRACE 2 satellites measuring Earth's gravity field, LD:2002-03-xx

  NASA Earth Sciences Data, & some non-NASA data archives Earth-Sun System Data & Services Portal
Earth Science Information Partners search tools Global Change Master Directory Global Change Data Center Goddard Earth Sciences Data & Information Atmospheric Composition Data and Information Services Center Langley Atmospheric Sciences DC Clouds, Aerosols, Troposphere geophysical models Physical Oceanography DAAC Oceanic Processes, Air-Sea Interactions Crustal Dynamics Data Information System (CDDIS)
www.asf.alaska.eduAlaska Satellite Facility DAAC SAR, Sea Ice, Polar Processes, Geophysics
ghrc.msfc.nasa.govGlobal Hydrology Resource Center Hydrology, Severe Weather, Convection
NSIDC DAAC National Snow and Ice Data Center: Snow & Ice, Cryosphere & Climate
ORNL DAAC Oak Ridge National Laboratory: biogeochemical dynamics, ecology, environment
Land Processes DAAC: land processes
SEDAC Socioeconomic Data & Applications Data Ctr: population, sustainability...

  NASA Solar & Earth-Sun Science Missions Ulysses: is in a polar orbit of the sun Solar and Heliospheric Observatory Solar Dynamics Observatory, LD:2007 Goddard Heliophysics Data Portal OR Polar, Wind, & Geotail
    Polar: multi-wavelength imaging of the aurora, LD:1996-02-24
    Wind: studies the solar wind, LD:1994-11-01
    Geotail: studies the tail of Earth's magnetosphere, LD:1992-07-24 UCal Berkeley Space Physics Group: FAST, more
    FAST: studies Earth's aurora, LD:1996-08-21 IMAGE: studies magnetosphere response to solar wind, LD:2000-03-25 RHESSI: studies particles & energy in solar flares, LD:2002-02-05 U of Colorado Lab for Atmospheric & Space Physics, SORCE, more:
    SORCE: measures full spectrum of incoming solar radiation, LD:2003-01-25 TIMED: studies solar influence on air 40-110 miles up, LD:2001-12-07 Lockheed Martin Solar and Astrophysics Laboratory: TRACE, more:
    TRACE: studied magnetic fields and plasma on the Sun, LD:1998-04-xx

  NASA Solar Science Data Solar Data Analysis Center

  NASA Space Science images & current news stories, overview of scientific missions Gravity Probe B tests Einstein's general theory, LD:2004-04-20

  NASA Astronomy Missions Space Telescope Science Institute: Hubble data & management Space Telescope Science Institute's public HubbleSite NASA Hubble Space Telescope archive ESA's Hubble Space Telescope pages Webb Space Telescope, successor to the Hubble Space Telescope Spitzer Space Telescope, infrared SOFIA: Stratospheric Observatory for Infrared Astronomy Chandra: X-ray Observatory Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics: SWAS, more
    SWAS: Submillimeter Wave Astronomy Satellite: to study composition of interstellar gas Microwave Anisotropy Probe: full-sky map of light from 13 billion years ago UCal Berkeley Space Sciences Lab: CHIPS, more
    CHIPS: extreme ultraviolet spectrograph sky mapping, LD:2003-01-12 Johns Hopkins Physics & Astronomy: FUSE FUSE: high-resolution far ultraviolet spectroscopy, LD:1999-06-24 MIT Kavli Inst. for Astrophysics and Space Research: HETE-2, more
    HETE-2: detects and localizes gamma-ray bursts, LD:2000-10-09 Swift: studies gamma-ray bursts, LD:2004-11-20 Compton Gamma Ray Observatory: 1991-2000 CalTech Space Radiation Lab: ACE, GALEX, more
    ACE: (Adv Comp Exp) studies energetic particles, LD:1997-08-25
    GALEX: (Galaxy Evo Exp) maps star formation, LD:2003-04-28 Kepler: search for habitable planets, LD:2008-06-xx

  NASA Space Science Data & NASA Astronomy Data, & some non-NASA data archives Hubble Space Telescope science data Planetary Data System: digital data from planetary missions, astronomy, & labs NASA Astrophysics Data Server National Space Science Data Center NASA Astronomical Data Center Space Physics Data Facility High Energy Astrophysics: gamma-ray & X-ray data & software
    Nat'l Virtual Observatory Datascope at GSFC HEASARC GSFC Legacy FTP archives infrared and sub-millimeter astronomy scientific data sets Spitzer Science Ctr: infrared telescope data archives & analysis data center for Cosmic Microwave Background (CMB) research Michelson Science Ctr, NASA Origins projects science ops & analysis service NASA/IPAC Extragalactic Database (NED) CDS Strasbourg ESA Infrared Space Observatory Astrophysics paper preprints

  NASA Lunar & Planetary Science JPL Solar System Dynamics study of the origin & distribution of life in the universe NASA Astrobiology Institute Planet Quest: NASA's search for extrasolar planets

  NASA Lunar & Planetary Missions NASA solar system exploration low-cost exploration missions Voyager 1 & 2: continue to study the region where interstellar space begins Galileo Cassini-Huygens: Saturn orbiter, Titan lander Mars exploration subdomain including:
    Mars Express: search for subsurface water from orbit
    Mars Global Surveyor: surface features, atmosphere, and magnetic properties
    Mars Odyssey: orbiter mapping mineralogy and morphology OR Spirit & Opportunity Mars Pathfinder Johns Hopkins U. Applied Physics Lab: MESSENGER, more MESSENGER: Mercury orbiter Genesis: mission to collect solar wind Deep Impact: Comet 9P/Tempel 1 Stardust: comet sample return mission, LD:1999-02-07 Comet Shoemaker-Levy Collision with Jupiter Leonid Multi-Instrument Aircraft Mission Asteroid Comet Impact Hazards Website Near-Earth Object Program, 3D orbit viewer, research info & statistics Deep Space 1

  NASA Education Websites

NASA Office of Education
    NASA Education: for Students Robotics Education Project Physics of the Cosmos Imagine The Universe! Home Page
NASA Kids Club kids StarChild: Learning Center for Young Astronomers For Kids Only - Earth Science Enterprise The Space Place Amazing Space (Hubble Space Telescope) Practical Uses of Math and Science

  NASA History Websites

  Other NASA Websites geospatial data for Space Shuttle Columbia STS-107 recovery NASA - Astronaut Selection IT Workstation Procurement

  NASA Engineering & Technology Websites NASA Technical Reports Server Tech Briefs: articles, .pdfs & free journal Scientific & Technical Info, databases & tech reports, Spinoff Magazine NASA Advanced Supercomputing (NAS) Division Home Page Information Power Grid, a high-performance computing and data grid Scientific Visualization Studio Animations Imaging Radar homepage JPL Robotics page Breakthrough Propulsion Physics Project International GNSS Service (IGS), formerly the International GPS Service

Small Business Innovation Research-Small Business Technology Transfer

  NASA Facilities

run by Goddard Space Flight Center
    Wallops Flight Facility launch site
    White Sands Complex launch site
    Independent Verification and Validation JPL Table Mountain Facility: astronomy & atmospheric remote sensing

  NASA Web Development Sites

  Johnson Space Center News

  Marshall Space Flight Center News

  Ames Research News

  Armstrong Flight Research Center News

  Glenn Research Center News

  Goddard Space Flight Center News

  Stennis Space Center News

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