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Physics World from the Institute of Physics has searchable physics news, articles, and an online edition of Physics World magazine.

Originally the Los Alamos National Laboratory Preprint Server, is an archive of over 500,000 free papers on math, physics, astronomy, computer science, quantitative biology and statistics. arXiv can be searched via the form at the top of every page at

Phys Org carries the latest physics and physical tech news, plus general science and technology news, and discussion forums.

Phys Link is "the ultimate physics resource on the web", a comprehensive site, with many links.

Phys Net is a comprehensive physics portal from the U. of Oldenburg in Germany, which includes the PhysDoc worldwide physics document search, and much more.

Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory's Table of Isotopes includes the table, a periodic table, a bibliographic database, and links to isotope data.

The IOP New Journal of Physics is a free online peer-reviewed general physics journal You must download the articles in Adobe .pdf format from the table of contents.

American Physical Society (APS)

AIP Physics History, from the American Institute of Physics, has online history exhibits about Einstein, Heisenberg, Curie, Sakharov, and the electron, plus links to many others.

Galileo's Notes on Motion show the original images of Galileo's 'Notes on Motion', 270 pages, with translations from the Max Planck Institute for the History of Science, in Berlin.

Visualization of Special Relativity displays short animations that show what you might see if you were traveling near light speed.

The Naval Research Laboratory Plasma Formulary, called the "mini-bible of plasma physics," can be downloaded in .pdf or postscript format, or you can order the hardcopy booklet free of charge.

Particle Adventure is an educational site about fundamental particles and forces from the Lawrence Berkeley National Lab.

The neutrino is an elusive particle predicted in 1931, and first detected in 1956. The Ultimate Neutrino Page has neutrino information, educational applets, links, and more.

Heavy Ion Collider Animations model the action in the new Relativistic Heavy Ion Collider at Brookhaven National Lab.

Bose-Einstein Condensate, a newly discovered state of matter, where individual atoms merge to act like a single giant atom, described at the University of Colorado.

Nanotubes and Buckyballs shows 3-D images of nanotubes and "buckyballs", more properly fullerenes or Carbon-60, named for R. Buckminster Fuller, because they are in fact microscopic geodesic structures deriving strength from tensegrity (tensional integrity). Also, links. Physics News

  Free Physics Books

  Free Relativity Books (.pdfs)

General Relativity & Gravitation Silberstein 1922
Relativity: Special & General Albert Einstein 1921
Space, Time & Gravitation Eddington 1921
Einstein's Theories... Bird 1921
Relativity... & Gravitation Cunningham 1921
Theory of Relativity: A Statement Lorentz 1920

  Free Force and Energy Books

Matter and Energy F Soddy 1911
...Conservation of Energy Ernst Mach 1910
Conservation of Energy Balfour Stewart 1876
Forces of Matter Faraday & Crookes 1860

  Free Optics & Light Books

Light for Students Edser 1921
Theory of Optical Instruments Gleichen 1921
Outlines of Applied Optics Nutting 1912
The Theory of Light Maclaurin 1908
Light Waves & Their Uses Michelson 1903
Wave Theory of Light Huygens, Fresnel...
Opticks Isaac Newton 1730

  Free X-Rays Books

Röntgen Rays Röntgen, Stokes, JJ Thomson 1899
X-Rays Kaye 1918

  Free Electricity & Magetism Books

Math... Electricity & Magnetism JJ Thomson 1909
Math... Electricity & Magnetism Jeans 1908
Electricity & Magnetism Maxwell, J Thomson 1904
Researches in Electricity Faraday 1855

  Free Electrons Books

Electron: Isolation & Measurement Millikan 1917
The Theory of Electrons Lorentz 1916
Electron Theory of Matter Richardson 1914
Elements and Electrons William Ramsay 1912
Corpuscular Theory of Matter JJ Thomson 1907

  Free Atomic Theory & Atoms Books

Within the Atom: A Popular View Mills 1921
The Atom Albert Cushing Crehore 1920
The Atomic Theory Charles Adolphe Wurtz 1898
Foundations of Atomic Theory Dalton, Wollaston...
Molecular Theory of Matter Risteen 1896

  Free Quantum Theory Books

Neutron Quantum States in the Earth's
    Gravitational Field
2005 online only
Quantum Statistical Mechanics 1980 online only
Math of Quantum Mechanics 1973 online only
Quantum Theory of Spectra Silberstein 1920

  Free Radioactivity Books

Radioactive Transformations Rutherford 1906
Chemistry of the Radio-Elements F Soddy 1914
The Interpretation of Radium F Soddy 1920
Radio-Active Substances Marie Curie 1904
Radioactive Substances Rutherford 1913
Measurements in Radio-Activity Geiger 1912

  Free Mechanics Books

The Science of Mechanics Ernst Mach 1919
Theoretical Mechanics Hoskins 1915
Apps of Calculus to Mechanics Hedrick 1909
Mechanics & Hydrostatics Loney 1907
Newton's Laws of Motion Tait 1899

  Free Dynamics & Kinematics Books

Theoretical Kinematics Bottema 1990 online only
Experimental Harmonic Motion Searle 1915
Analytical Dynamics Whittaker 1904
Applications of Dynamics JJ Thomson 1888
Matter and Motion James Clerk Maxwell 1878

  Free Thermodynamics & Heat Books

Thermodynamics Emswiler 1921
Thermodynamics & Chemistry MacDougall 1921
Thermodynamics for Engineers Ewing 1920
Heat a Mode of Motion Tyndall 1915
Heat Poynting 1906
Theory of Heat James Clerk Maxwell 1904
On Thermodynamics Max Planck 1903

  Free Kinetic Theory of Gases Books

Dynamical Theory of Gases James H Jeans 1904
Kinetic Theory of Gases Henry W Watson 1893

  Free Sound Books

Sound John Tyndall 1915
Text-Book on Sound Edwin Henry Barton 1908
Practical Acoustics Charles Lightfoot Barnes 1897

  Free Elasticity Books

Experimental Elasticity Lab Manual Searle 1908
Mathematical Theory of Elasticity Love 1906
History of Theory of Elasticity Todhunter 1893

  Free Mathematical physics Books

Intro to Mathematical Physics Houstoun 1912
Coördinates in Mechanics & Physics Byerly 1916
Bessel Functions & Physics Meissel 1895

  Free Physics Books

Practical Physics Millikan 1922
Applied Physics Dictionary Glazebrook 1922
Handbook of Chemistry & Physics CRC 1914
Natural Philosophy W Thomson (Kelvin) & Tait

Lectures & Addresses W Thomson (Kelvin) 1894
Popular Lectures Ernest Mach 1894
Papers Kelvin, Larmor, Joule 1890
Scientific Writings Joseph Henry 1886
Papers James Prescott Joule 1884

From Newton to Einstein Harrow 1920
A History of Physics Cajori 1899
Michael Faraday Silvanus Phillips Thompson 1901

  Free Physical sciences Books

(Physics) in Classical Antiquity Heiberg 1922
Smithsonian Physical Tables Fowle 1920

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