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The Dinosaur FAQ is a searchable list of frequently asked questions about dinosaurs, designed for those truly interested. The Dinosaur FAQ is not yet complete, but provides very good information.


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Paper Dinosaurs, 1824-1969 reviews 84 historic publications about dinosaurs, and includes 136 good dinosaur images.

Strange Science is a science history site about "the rocky road to modern paleontology and biology", with pictures, biographies, and a timeline.

Dinosaur Society features fossil preservation news and information.

BBC Dinosaurs designed to accompany a BBC-TV program, is loaded with information and images of prehistoric life, including animations of peteinosaurus (a flying lizard) and postosuchas (a 6 meter-long carnivore).

Dino Directory from the British Natural History Museum.

Zoom Dinosaurs is a Disney-sponsored dino site with a dinosaur dictionary.

Palaeontologica Electronica is an online journal from Texas A&M U., with news, articles, graphics, and animations.

The Berkeley Museum of Paleontology has over 1000 online exhibits.

Prehistoric Pittsford is about Silurian Eurypterids, mostly aquatic arthropods that lived in western New York about 420 million years ago, and other fossils of the region.

The Australian Museum Palaeontology Collection.

The North Dakota Geological Survey has a fairly complete paleontology site.

Invertebrate Paleontology Photos of about 600 invertebrate fossils from the Peabody Museum at Yale U.

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