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  Aviation News & Information

Aviation Week and Space Technology magazine is the top provider of aerospace news.

Federal Aviation Administration

Aero-News Network - Aircraft Shopper Online - AV Buyer

  Military Aviation

The National Museum of Naval Aviation web site includes photos and information about all aircraft at the museum. Their website has been completely done over with fancy flash animation and sound, and their search engine is hidden here.

US Air Force Images is a gallery of USAF photos, concetrating on recent activities.

The F-16 is the most widely used western fighter aircraft in the world today, and Three-Four-Nine F-16 bills itself as 'the ultimate F-16 reference', with a gallery of over 8,000 photos of F-16's of many nations, a complete reference to all 'block' versions of the F-16, F-16 news, and more.

US Air Force Museum Search: The USAF Museum at Wright-Patterson AFB has photos, specs, and historical info on scores of aircraft, and their website's pages are very fast-loading. Also see the Edwards AFB Gallery.

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  More Aviation History

"How We Made The First Flight", by Orville Wright, illustrated with photos, on the "Aviation Enthusiast's Corner" website. The site also includes browsable listings of historic aircraft and air museums, information on air shows, and other aviation history items.

Historic Wings has exhibits about famous aircraft and aviation history, from the Wright brothers to the Gulf War and beyond.

Airship Photos features photos of the Hindenburg, Graf Zeppelin, Akron, and other famous airships.

The Luftwaffe that almost was, Luft '46 is loaded with descriptions of German aircraft projects under development at the end of WWII, illustrated with three-view drawings, model photos and custom color artwork. You can link to the Luftwaffe Web Ring from here.

NASM Collections lists all of the aircraft and spacecraft collected at the Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum.

DFRC Photo Gallery has hundreds of photos of experimental aircraft tested at NASA's Dryden Flight Research Center. SR-71 Blackbird Photos

The National Advisory Committee for Aeronautics (NACA) was the precursor to NASA, the National Aeronautics and Space Administration. This searchable online digital library contains NACA technical reports on aerodynamics and aircraft design from 1917 to 1958. Also see the UIUC Airfoil Data Site and NACA Airfoils, shareware Windows PC software for printing out standard "NACA" airfoil shapes.

X-15 Research Results is a well-illustrated, interesting summary of the research results of 119 X-15 flights from 1958 to 1964. The famous rocket planes flew to over 300,000 feet, and exceeded Mach 6 (while exceeding Mach 5 50 times).

  More Aviation Photos

Subtitled Some Not Pretty, Unusual Aviation Pictures this is a gallery of photos of aircraft crashing and crashed, and in various states of distress.

Aviation Photo Search: Airliners.net has the largest gallery of aviation photos online, with over 843,000 aviation images in their database. The images are of all kinds of aircraft, not just airliners (a search for "F-16" produces 3,921 results). You can send the images as email postcards if you wish. Airliners.net also has an aviation forum, civil aircraft data and history info, and aviation news and articles.

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Just Helicopters has news of all kinds about helicopters, including rescues, crashes, fuel prices, and airport issues.

  Airport Information

AirNav airport information search-- enter city name or three letter airport code and get a map of the airport, radio frequencies, runway and area obstructions information, traffic statistics, etc.

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  Airline Flight Tracking

Flightradar24 "is a flight tracker that shows live air traffic from around the world. Flightradar24 combines data from several data sources including ADS-B, MLAT and FAA. The ADS-B, MLAT and FAA data is aggregated together with schedule and flight status data from airlines and airports."

FlightAware Real-Time Flight Tracking gives you instant easy access to real-time airline flight tracking information. See where any US flight is along its path, what altitude and groundspeed, departure time and estimated time of arrival. Also try: Flytecomm.

Live ATC provides online streams of live air traffic control audio from all over the world.

  General Aviation

Landings.com is a general aviation site with information about flight plans, flight simulator games, etc.

  Aeronautics, Aircraft Design, Homebuilt Aircraft

FAA Aircraft Handbooks & Manuals

Theory of Flight, from Aviation History, is a collection of short articles that serve as an introductory tutorial to the theory of flight. The site also has an image gallery, and articles about aircraft, engines, aviators, and more.

The Experimental Aircraft Association (EAA) explains what homebuilt aircraft are all about.

Aircraft Conceptual Design Drawings & Pictures from AircraftDesign.com features drawings, sketches, and photos of the earliest stages of aircraft design, many of aircraft that were never built. This site, by aircraft designer Daniel Raymer, also markets PC software for and classes in aircraft design and analysis, has a list of links for aircraft designers, and more.

Sea and Sky Aviation is a up-to-date 1-page list of many aviation links, including Homebuilt Aircraft Links.

  Ultralights, Hang Gliding, Skydiving

EAA: Ultralights

US Hang Gliding & Paragliding Association

Lookout Mtn Flight Park & Training Center's HangGlide.com provides hang gliding instruction. Their website has lots of information, including articles and links.

United States Parachute Association (USPA) has a membership of more than 34,000, who, with other first-time jump students, make approximately 3,250,000 jumps per year.
see also: NASA News & Links | Military News & Links

Air Shows: Paris, FranceFarnborough, EnglandAviation Nation (Las Vegas)
Canadian (Toronto)DaytonEAA AirVenture (OshKosh)calendar

click to see DFRC SR-71 photos
SR-71A #844 approaches the tanker to refuel on Feb. 4, 1997

  Free Military Aviation Books (.pdfs)

Wings of War Knappen 1920
Fighting the Flying Circus
    Rickenbacker 1919
Air Fighting in France Hall 1918
Winged Warfare Bishop 1918
JN4-D "Jenny" Handbook Curtiss 1918

Aircraft Year Book 1922
Aircraft Year Book 1921
Aircraft Year Book 1920
Aircraft Year Book 1919

Artificial & Natural Flight Maxim 1909
Principles of Flight Duchêne 1916

  Free Flight Books

Landing Field Guide 1920
Acquiring Wings Stout 1917
How to Fly Collins 1917
The Flyer's Guide Gill 1917
Fly Without Formulae Duchêne 1914
Art of Flying Kaempffert 1911
Curtiss Aviation Book Glenn Curtiss 1912
Art of Aviation Brewer 1910
My Airships Santos-Dumont 1904

History of Aeronautics Vivian 1921
Aircraft Development David 1919

Our First Airways Grahame-White 1919
My 3 Big Flights Conneau 1912

  Free Airplanes Books

The Airplane Bedell 1921
Aviation in Canada 1917-18 1919
The Airplane Speaks 1917 Barber
Aircraft in War & Peace Robson 1916
Aeroplanes Zerbe 1915
The Aeroplane Fage 1915
Harper's Aircraft Book 1913 Verrill
Flying Machines 1912
The Aeroplane Grahame-White 1911
The Aeroplane Hubbard 1911

  Aerodynamics & Aeronautics Books

Airplane Principles Brodetsky 1921
Dynamics of the Airplane Williams 1921
Aeronautics Cowley 1920
ABCs of Aviation 1918
Monoplane & Biplanes Loening 1911
Exp. in Aerodynamics Langley 1902

  Free Aircraft Building Books

Airplane Design Judge 1921
Aeronautical Engr Woodhouse 1920
Airplane Design & Constr. Pomilio 1919
Aeroplane Construction King 1918
Aeroplane Design Barnwell 1917
Aeroplane Designing Lougheed 1912
Airplane Building & Flying 1912
How to Build an Aeroplane Petit 1910
Aeroplane Patents Neilson 1910

  Free Aircraft Building Books

The Airplane Propeller US Army 1921
Aeroplane Structures Pippard 1919
Properties of Aerofoils Judge 1917

  Free Airplane Engine Books

The Airplane Engine Marks 1922
Airplane Engine Encyclopedia Angle 1921
Aero Engines Sherbondy 1920
Aircraft Mechanics Handbook Colvin 1918
Aeronautical Engines Kean 1918
Aviation Engines Pagé 1917
Aero Engines Burls 1915

Online Book Search Engines

More Free Books:
Military & Naval
Stagecoach, Steamship, Transport
Sailing & Shipbuilding
Voyages & Voyaging
Railroad, Locomotive & Train

TIME Magazine, September 15, 1952, p. 57:

SCIENCE: Death at Farnborough
    Four years ago, Test Pilot John Derry became the first Briton to pass the speed of sound and live to tell about it (TIME, Sept. 20, 1948).* Last week, at Britain's annual Farnborough Air Show, Derry was flying a De Havilland DH-110, a twin-jet, all-weather fighter. Before 120,000 spectators, including his young wife, Pilot Derry climbed to more than eight miles and dived, jets screaming, straight toward the crowd. Down he flashed at more than 700 m.p.h. When he leveled off, the double thunderclap of his shock waves--palpable as ocean breakers--crashed against the crowd's bodies and ears. Derry turned again to make a low pass. Then the crowd saw disaster: in eerie, total silence, the DH-110 disintegrated.

    The fighter floated apart leisurely, as in a slow-motion movie. Light pieces fluttered to earth. The nose and part of the fuselage skidded through a wire fence lined with spectators. The two jet engines, weighing a ton each, curved across the field in an awesome arc. Tumbling over & over and whistling faintly, they headed for a little hill packed with picnicking families. The great crowd stood in stunned silence, watching the hurtling engines. Over the public-address system, the announcer shouted: "Look out!"

    The engines soared for about a mile. One of them missed the hill, tore through a radio truck and smashed two motorcycles. The other engine, flying lower, broke in two and plowed two bloody furrows through the churning crowd. Besides Pilot Derry and his observer, Tony Richards, 28 people were killed, 63 injured...

* Geoffrey de Havilland [Jr.] may have passed Mach 1 in 1946, but his plane went to pieces and he was killed (TIME, Oct. 7, 1946). The first man to break through the sonic wall in level flight: the U.S. Air Force's Captain "Chuck" Yeager, on Oct. 14, 1947, in his rocket-powered X-1..