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  Earthquakes & Seismology

Live Seismic Info USGS Seismic Network Operations delivers near real-time seismograms from the 95 station Advanced National Seismic System, and 150 worldwide stations, updated as often as every 10 minutes, along with statistics on the biggest quakes of the past 24 hours.

Recent World Earthquakes A recent earthquake map, plus nformation and links about recent earthquakes, right up to the past hour.

San Andreas Fault The Exporatorium's "Life Along the Faultline" explains why earthquakes occur, describes the great earthquake of 1906, tells about engineering structures to withstand earthquakes, and more.

  Volcanoes & Vulcanology

USGS Volcano Multimedia

Volcano World A volcano megasite: countless pages of information, maps, movies, pictures and a glossary of volcanic terms.

Dartmouth Electronic Volcano has information on all of the world's active volcanoes.

USGS Volcano Observatories:
Hawaiian Volcano Observatory (HVO)
Alaska Volcano Observatory (AVO)
USGS Cascades Volcano Observatory (CVO)
California Volcano Observatory (Long Valley)

Geochemical Thermodynamics "Melts" is geochemical thermodynamics modeling software by Mark Ghiroso.

  Earth Maps and Satellite Images       see Maps Search, News & Links

Google Earth

Astronaut's Views of Earth "An Astronaut's View of the Home Planet".

NASA Earth Observatory Explanations of what Earth science satellites do, images of Earth and 12 other types of Earth observational data, plus news and other articles and tutorials.

Terra Satellite Photos Recent photos of Earth from the Terra Earth resources satellite.

Natural Earth provides free vector and raster Earth maps at 1:10m, 1:50m, and 1:110m scales.

Vegetation Map Links Links to maps showing worldwide vegetation, including rainforests, other forests, and more.

  Snow, Ice, Polar, Arctic, Antarctic...

National Snow and Ice Data Center Gallery has pictures of glaciers, satellite photos, and animations of sea ice movement at the poles.

Byrd Polar Center Information, polar links, and the "Ice Sheets" newsletter.

Antarctic Radar Map A high-resolution radar map, and other maps of Antarctica.

  General Geology is a comprehensive source for geoscience news and information.

USGS Geology Research and Information

Geologist's Field List "A Geologist's Lifetime Field List" is a list of "must see" types of geological locations.

The NOAA National Geophysical Data Center has a comprehensive website with information on glaciers, marine geology and geophysics, paleoclimatology, and more.

Rock Microscopy Microscopy images of about 40 igneous and metamorphic rocks.

The Virtual Atlas of Opaque and Ore Minerals is an online reference book: "This site provides over 400 full colour photomicrographs of the major ore-forming associations and opaque minerals in non-mineralized rocks. It describes typical examples of each material from many classical localities throughout the world", and more.

The Barren Lands Documents geologist J.B. Tyrrell's exploratory surveys in the 1890's of the Barren Lands region west of Hudson Bay, in northern Manitoba and Saskatchewan and the area now known as Nunavut. It includes over 5,000 images from original field notebooks, correspondence, photographs, maps and published reports.

Earth Impact Database lists all the known impact craters on Earth.

  Oceans & Oceanography

NOAA Center for Tsunami Researc holds information about "tidal waves" from NOAA's Pacific Marine Environment Laboratory.

NOAA's Oceanography Photo Library has images of oceanographic interest, from drawings of the gulf stream by Benjamin Franklin, to recent photos of deep-sea vent worms.

Ocean Temperature Maps Ocean temperature maps and movies from the Topex/Poseidon altimetry satellite, with El Nino data, and links.

Oceanography Satellites The Ocean Remote Sensing Group at Johns Hopkins U.'s Applied Physics Lab provides pictures and data from 3 satellites.

Lake Tahoe Bottom Sonar maps and animated sonar images of the bottom of Lake Tahoe, from the USGS.
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