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  Water Resources, Rainwater, Acid Rain

Human Appropriation of the World's Fresh Water Supply

The United States Geological Survey (USGS) provides stream flow data and other information about US Water Resources (including acid rain deposition) displayed in frequently updated maps, from a decade ago to today.

  Drinking Water

Austin, Texas-based Wimberley Rainwater Collection offers full service rainwater collection design and installation packages, or simply the delivery of the plan along with the necessary materials to the jobsite.

Federal Emergency Management Agency: ready.gov/water

World Health Organization (WHO): Household Water Treatment

Water.org helps "communities design and construct their own sustainable water supply systems."

CharityWater.org brings "clean, safe drinking water to people in developing nations."

Water-Treatment.org.uk is "a water treatment resource dedicated to providing a non-jargon guide to various home water treatment and filter systems."

  Wastewater & Waste Water Treatment

USGS Water-Science School: Wastewater Treatment Plant Visit

  Water Pollution, Acid Rain

Water Pollution Guide "Useful information about the sources of water pollution and how they can be treated."

Natural Resources Defense Council: Water "Information on water issues including oceans, pollution, drinking water, everglades, conservation and restoration."

United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA): Water

The National Atmospheric Deposition Program (Acid Rain) has data from over 200 monitoring sites diplayed in annual maps.

  Water News, Water Information

Scientific American: Water News

Wikipedia: Water

  Water Treatment News (search)

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